Michael Lesser

Dr. Michael Lesser, M.D. is the primary physician and owner of Family Medicine for McHenry County since 1984. He specializes in family care, helping hundreds of families live healthy lives and serving their medical needs.

Being one of the few remaining independently owned and operated physician’s offices in the area, Dr. Lesser is proud to provide high quality and customized care to the community.

Over the years, Dr. Lesser has earned a reputation as being a caring and knowledgeable practitioner, who is generous with his time, and cares greatly about the patients of Family Medicine and the community; for years volunteering at the Family Health Partnership Clinic in Crystal Lake.

For hobbies, Dr Lesser enjoys fishing and other outdoor activities. “Our family vacation home in northern Wisconsin is where I like to relax,” Dr. Lesser said recently. Woodworking is also a hobby of Dr. Lesser’s and he’s currently building an outdoor kitchen. Dr. Lesser also enjoys flying airplanes and would love to do it more often. He also loves sushi, and his all-time favorite car is the 1965 Mustang.

Dr. Lesser also partakes in karate a few times a week since he got into the sport in 2001 with his son. “I’m either the highest ranking student or lowest ranking instructor depending on the day!”

Exercise and living a healthy lifestyle is important to Dr. Lesser, who often tries to find new ways to stay active. “I started cross training earlier this year with some people from karate and like going to Health Bridge to use the ellipticals. I try to practice what I preach about exercise and get some every day.”

Dr. Lesser grew up in Lincolnwood, Illinois. He received his medical degree from the University of Illinois, with an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

[Last Updated July 2016]